Kyara Dzenis

Kyara Dzenis

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Fall, Ya'll!

The mornings are cooler and the days are perfect.  The leaves are changing and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air.  I LOVE fall!  Soccer is under way and we are spending a ton of time at the fields.  I can't think of a better place to be!   We are discussing the November soccer tournament that we will take the girls, too.  YES! Tournament time = FALL!  College football is full stream ahead, and I am STILL cheering for the Gators, even if we are having a harder time this year.  FALL, Ya'll!  My favorite month of fall is October.  I love the weather, I love the pumpkins, I love the colors, it is like God has painted a different beautiful picture everytime you look at the trees!  What an artist!  I love the fact that Gunars and I were married in October, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Halloween!  I love CANDY!  Trick-or-Treating!  Dressing up!  Yipee!  FALL, Ya'll!  I mean, who can resist some yummy candy corn, or even better, the good chocolate from Trick-or Treating?  I have to wait to buy my candy stash until closer to the big night, because I have been known to eat all the treats! 

I looking back over my previous paragraph and I realized that I appear to be exclamation point happy and caps lock crazy.  Sorry about that.  I just want to emphasize how much I love this time of the year, because I am now facing conflicting emotions.   Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love getting spooked.  I love "haunted" houses.  I love the creepy, scary, adrenaline rush of not knowing what's coming around the corner.  I love the makeup and the decorations.  I love Trick-or-Treating, and I love candy.  This year, however, I am not sure how I should feel.  I want to decorate our yard and make it "scary", but is it inappropriate for me to put up gravestones?  Are skulls now off limits?  How about the signs that are bit... unwelcoming?  Having lost a daughter 7 months ago, I am now a bit more sensitive to these things.  But at the same time, that is part of the fun of Halloween!  The pumpkins are nice and all, but what about the thrill?  I also don't want to make light of death or the afterlife.  In the past it has always been a fun holiday, but now, it has new meaning.  I am not sure how to approach it.

We are busy bees around here.  I am still struggling with Chemistry.  It stinks!  Skylar is in the middle of her soccer season and has had tryouts for basketball.  Kassey has also started soccer with SmartStart and is loving it!  She tells us, "We go to MY soccer game?"  Shinguards, jersey, shorts, long socks, ball... check!  Very cute, fun hour watch 2-4 year olds trip over the ball...check!(I have been corrected, Kassey doesn't trip over the ball ;)  But they look like it because the ball is taller than their knees!) Kassey loving every minute...check!  Good times!  Gunars is helping coach the SmartStart group and has really enjoyed getting involved with the kids again. 

Last week, Bunny, Kassey, and I took a roadtrip to Florida to pick up... my new car!  Yeah!  My poor van has been on its last leg for some time now and I have been nursing it to keep it on the road.  So, we did a ton of research and waited for months to find the perfect car to replace the van.  Then, one morning, I saw a car on ebay that was not exactly what I wanted, but would be okay.  It had 52 minutes left on the clock and had an "Or best offer" option.  So we low-balled, knowing that if we didn't get it, that was fine since it wasn't "perfect."  Well, to our surprise, it was accepted!  So, 36 hours later, we had a one-way rental car and were on our way to good ole' Florida!   This trip was hard on Skylar, though.  I think the fact that Bunny, Kassey, and I were on a roadtrip brought back memories of us going to Michigan because it was Bunny, Kassey, Kyara, and I on that trip.  We had told her it would be a few days, then we would be back home.  Instead it was a few months, and Kyara had had the cardiac arrest, so her sister was never the same again.   Life changes unexpectedly sometimes.  Anyway, the 2 nights we were gone were tough, but Skylar seems to be doing much better now.

So, on to the real news...  My hair.  I have not colored my hair in 2 1/2 months.  My silvers are coming in nicely.  Now I have to make the decision about what to do.  The silver is starting to really show and looks a bit tacky with an obvious line of colored hair versus silver hair.  I am thinking about buzzing all my hair off.  Ok, maybe not a total buzz, but a very short pixie style.  I have been looking around and I am thinking a Jamie Lee Curtis style will work.  But now I need the guts to get the cuts!  Enjoy the pictures, and don't laugh too hard! 

Have a blessed week!

 Wow!  The Silvers are showing!


Tina from Miami said...

I like the idea of the Jamie Lee Curtis Pixie cut... if you're gonna go gray, I'd go with that... for sure!

As for the rest of your blog, I love to hear you happy, and I know that you're trying real hard to be happy! I really admire you for your honesty and strength!

Anonymous said...

Hey Genie,

Glad to hear you are enjoying the fall weather. October is my favorite month too! I know you're enjoying the time out on the soccer fields. I'm planning to get my son Landon enrolled next fall to start up soccer.....He'll be 4 next August. I guess I'll be the volunteer Dad Coach, by default. I may need to pick up some pointers from your Dad cause I'm not real sure how to coach 4 year old soccer! I saw the news about Matt getting engaged. Please pass on my congratulations to him and his fiance. We think about you guys often and pray that you guys are continually blessed and comforted by His Holy presence in your lives. Hope to see you soon at the impending wedding......looking forward to it!

P.S. - I noticed you added the "I Surrender" song to the site. I've been leading some of the Praise and Worship at our Church hear in Athens and we play that song often.

Love you guys,

Matt Doggendorf