Kyara Dzenis

Kyara Dzenis

Sunday, October 31, 2010


"H-A-Double L-O...W-Double E-N"  Spells Halloween!

I am trying to get into the spirit, but this year is a little tough.  I am working on desserts to take to a dinner tonight and I have a house that looks like I should be on Hoarders.  The boxes are piled up, the laundry is everywhere.  It is a mess.  In the mean time, I am doing an education curriculum class and chemistry (which Gunars keeps reminding me... chemistry is not that bad, but your teacher is ruining it!) and my in home labs are not working.  I am doing the homework, but I don't really understand what I am doing.  I am terrified to take the exam... especially if its not open book!  How am I suppose to remember all those formulas, I am having a hard enough time remembering my kids' own names lately!  Get through this semester... that is what I am planning... just get through it (and pass so I don't have to do it again!)

So, this is a short post since I really have too much to do, but I will post again soon.  I can't wait to get pictures of the girls and Gunars with their Halloween costumes on.  Oh, and by the way, I did decorate some for Halloween.  We have a "graveyard" in the front yard, some spiderwebs, etc. This is a fun holiday and each year I hope it will be less and less difficult for me to enjoy it.  It is difficult to remember that 2 years ago tonight we started our journey to Michigan full of hope and excitement for Kyara's surgery.  We never expected to lose her.  Amazing how excitement turns into horror.  A little like Halloween, though...  Excitement and horror. 

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Melissa Trebuchon said...

You and your family are STILL in my prayers.....