Kyara Dzenis

Kyara Dzenis

Saturday, March 19, 2011

1st anniversay - Kyara Dawn Dzenis

One year ago today God gave Kyara the most precious gift - ultimate healing and a place at home with Him. Although I am so happy for her, I would give anything to have her back, even for a moment so I could hug her and kiss her and reassure her of how much I love her. I am so thankful for the time we had with her and for the lessons she has taught me, some of which I didn't learn until after her death. It is because of her that I have been on my journey to develop a relationship with God. It is because of her that I have had a journey to share with you. God works in mysterious ways and I pray you have seen His grace in her story.


Kris and Eileen Mae said...

Your journey has been a true inspiration to many. I am honored to followed it.

We are human and not expected to understand how or why God does what he does. His ways are not our ways. We graciously accept it. You have more than graciously accepted that his will be done unto you. I know one day at the end of your journey you will be reunited with your precious Kyara.

I continue to pray that you can and will keep asking that his will be done.

Keep on fighting. We are all here fighting along side of you.


Leah Taylor Ministries said...

Beautiful Tribute. Love you so much! You bring HIM glory and He rejoices over you.

Linda Sabala said...

Genie, Our thoughts have been with you and your family this week. So much has changed in the past year: so much will always remain the same. God be with you all. Linda, Zachy's Grandma

Anonymous said...

I think and pray for you and your family daily. You are an inspiration to me.