Kyara Dzenis

Kyara Dzenis

Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Earth Birthday, Kyara!

Seven.  Kyara would have been seven on August 6th.  Time flies.  I think back to the many many times people would say to me when the girls were little... enjoy it, time flies and the next thing you know, they are moving out.  Those words ring true in a different sense to me now.  Enjoy the time we have, because you never know when they will be called home by God.  Not that I won't see her again, I know I will... but it is such a LONG wait!  I try to remind myself that in the scheme of ETERNITY, the next 60 years (give or take) is only a blink of an eye.  Some days it works, and some days I just need to hold her, tell her how much I love her, and give her an Eskimo kiss, Butterfly kiss, and Mommy kiss (our old bedtime routine, which I still do with Skylar and Kassey).

This year for her birthday we went up to Hospice Atlanta to feed the families, visitors, and staff.  I really appreciate the help of my brothers' families, my mother-in-law (Luz Estela), and Bunny and Pop for helping us get everything ready for the dinner.  I am thankful that Gunars, Skylar, and Kassey help me get everything together and go up to the Hospice center with me, even though I know it is difficult for them to go there.  Hospice Atlanta is a very peaceful center which provides end of life care for patients as well as support for their families.  The work these individuals do is amazing.  So, in celebration and rememberance of Kyara, we go up to serve them on her birthday.  So many members of the family have not had a homecooked meal in days or weeks due to caring for their loved one.  It is so nice to be able to provide a little food, comfort, a smile, and hopefully some sunshine to them.  I would love to say we do this just for these families, but sometimes I think I need it, too.  It makes me feel closer to ... I don't know what... Kyara? Jesus (serving others)? put me more in touch with my emotions?  I don't really know, but it is a tradition I hope to continue.

First day, Kyara just a few minutes old

1st Birthday - Celebrated in Hawaii!

2nd Birthday - At Stone Mountain Park!

Kyara's Third Birthday won't upload for some reason, will try again later.

4th Birthday - The first day of school (Pre-K) was her birthday.  Kyara loved school and was so excited to be in the "big girl school" with Skylar. 

School started back this morning for Skylar and Kassey starts back next week.  Soccer has started for Skylar and Kassey has been doing karate.  Our lives are about to get hectic and to tell the truth, I prefer it that way.  A little routine, a little craziness, and enough to keep my mind busy.


Anonymous said...

Still praying for you guys a lot. I had remembered that Kyara's earth birthday was early August...I'm glad you have a nice tradition in order to remember her and serve others while helping your own healing process along too. We need to get together soon.

Susan Loper

Lana said...

You are still such an inspiration to me. I had you on my heart the other day and I just lifted you and your family up in prayers. You make me want to be a better person and mother. Praying always

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Remembering little Kyara, & thinking about how nice it is to see you & your family twice a week for Kassey's Karate classes. As I remember Kyara, I feel so blessed to have met such a remarkable & beautiful little girl & her beautiful, remarkable & strong sisters & family. To me, you & your family are truly an inspiration, & how heart warming to know you are serving others while remembering Kyara. I am inspired to become a better person & take more time to give to others. God bless & uplift each of you, as I feel many of us are blessed & uplifted by God through you & your family.

Juanita Linch